"...To do the Will of Him that sent us, and to finish His Work!"

If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son.
— 1 John 5:9


2019 New Year's Eve Praise-a-Thon!

Experience incredible soul-lifting praise and worship as we close out the year and usher in the New Year in God's presence! No better place to be in town! Followed by a celebration of Thanksgiving with lots of delicious free food! Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday, Dec 31st 2019 @9:30pm. For more information, please see Event Flyer

Sunday Worship Service

Come and experience glorious praise and worship led by the inspirational Praise Unlimited team, powerful uncompromised delivery of The Word of God, an atmosphere of faith, love and unity, and a fresh release of The Spirit in every service!

The Tabernacle of Praise Unlimited is open to all those who want to worship God in spirit and in truth! See Testimonies to read about real miracles during GMI Church services!

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Free Marriage Workshop, First Sunday Each Month at 12:30pm

Enrich your marriage God's way! We are building strong families God's way! Experience marital success! Invest time and effort into your marriage and family! Reap the benefits! All married couples are welcome to the FREE monthly workshop! Engaged couples are also welcome! Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls & be well prepared for marriage! See you there with your spouse or fiancé/fiancée! Free Lunch is provided!

Faith Lab, Last Friday Each Month at 7:00pm

In-depth teachings on Faith, and the operations of the gifts of The Holy Ghost in these special monthly services, as we let The Holy Ghost flow through each of us giving us a rich, fulfilling body ministry! Even those that are new to the flowing of The Holy Ghost can experience and pratice the presence of The LORD in these services; hence the name Faith Lab. This service is on the first night of our monthly consecration weekend, which begins on the last Friday of each month.

"Shadows of The End!" Series, Last Friday of Each Quarter at 7:00pm

Our quarterly meetings on end-time events and preparedness for the coming of Christ! The Spirit is speaking expressly and moving powerfully among God's Elect, to give us a profound understanding of the times, and get us ready for the gathering storm and the coming of Christ! See you at the meetings (in the rolls of the Thunders!)...

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Future & Upcoming Events

For upcoming and future GMI events, please see Upcoming Events.

Year-Round Events

Please visit this page from frequently to find out the latest in the series of exciting monthly events at GMI!

AZ Women's Conference - Sept 21, 2013

This Christ-centered event was a huge success to the glory of God! We have received many testimonies of what a blessing the conference was from many of the women who atttended, and many are already looking forward to next year's event! Blessed be the Name of The LORD!.

2012 New Year's Eve Praise-a-Thon!

Wow!! What an awesome way to closeout the past year and enter into the New Year in God's Presence!! Everyone definitely felt the awesome Presence of God, and several people said this was the best experience they ever had for a New Year's Eve! We give all the glory to The LORD!

2011 International Praise Fest!

The 2011 International Praise Fest with KORA-Award winner & Gospel sensation Folake Umosen was absolutely an incredible worship experience as the house was packed with standing room only! We give all the praise and glory to The Lord Jesus Christ! For event photos, please see 2010 Int'l Praise Fest Photos.

2010 New's Year's Eve Praise-a-thon!

According to many who attended, it was definitely an unforgettable worship experience with awesome praise and worship, a powerful anointing and breakthrough service, to close out year 2010 and usher into the New Year 2011! To God be the glory!!

Taking The Gospel to The Nations!

Holy Ghost Invasion Tanzania 2008 - September 21st through September 28th 2008!

This event took place in the Lumo-Yumo-Vituka region of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, featuring morning Teaching Conferences and evening Miracle and Healing Crusades. Several thousands attended each night and several hundreds came to The LORD each night, and even many more received healing and deliverance as the wicked powers of darkness, witchcraft, sorcery and the falsehood of dead religions were exposed! The awesome power of The LORD was present each night to save, heal and deliver! Thousands of people rejoiced and shouted with great joy each night as they were liberated by the power of God and set free from demonic oppression and the wickedness of the powers of darkness! The people said they had never seen the power of The LORD so strong, even in previous crusades!

There were many outstanding instant miracles through the Name of Jesus Christ! On the first night of the Crusade, one lady who had suffered from a constant issue of blood for over one year (even bleeding during the crusade) was healed that night from the bleeding and stomach pains! She came back and testified twice on following nights! Another woman who had suffered many things of witch doctors, many miscarriages, and had been pregnant for more than ten months had been told by witch doctors that she would carry the pregnancy forever and would never deliver the baby! After deliverance prayer, she gave birth just a few days later on the morning of the last day of the Crusade! There was great joy among the people at hearing this testimony! Too many other miracles to recount!

Also, the Pastors and people who came to the Conferences testified to the awesome power of The Holy Spirit as they received fresh anointing in each service, lifting them to greater spiritual heights in the revelation and knowledge of the Son of God, Jesus Christ!! The Pastors and people asked if we could continue for another week, but we had to leave due to previous engagements! Many testified that they will never be the same! Blessed be the Name of The LORD!

For event photos, please see Tanzania 2008 Photos.

Holy Ghost Invasion Philippines 2008 - April 29th through May 4th 2008!

This week-long event which took place in the heart of Mindanao region in the Philippines (including Butuan City, Cabadbarn City, La Fraternidad, Tubay and Santiago municipalities) was the GMI first international mission, and brought hundreds of souls to The LORD every night in several villages, municipalities and cities. Each night, we witnessed the awesome power of The LORD that set the captives free from the bondage of sin, along with hundreds of cases of instant miracles, healings and deliverance, as well as baptism of The Holy Spirit!

The event also included a Teaching/Impartation Conference for Pastors and Worship Leaders, and everyone reported tremendous blessings through the revelative uncompromised teachings of The Word of God and ministration of The Holy Ghost! There was great joy in those cities and villages! See Crusade Testimonies.

A new GMI Church was also started in Cabadbaran City as a direct result of this crusade, and they held the inaugural service on Sunday May 11th, 2008, and the Church has continued to grow each passing week! We give all the glory to The Lord Jesus Christ! See New Church Testimonies.

For other upcoming and future GMI International Evangelistic events, as well as other GMI activities, please see Upcoming Events.