"...To do the Will of Him that sent us, and to finish His Work!"

If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son.
— 1 John 5:9

Event Archives

"Declare His glory among the heathen, His wonders among all people" [Psalms 96:3]. "And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted." [Isaiah 12:4].

On this page you can find a summary of GMI previous events recorded here to the glory of God to show the great things He has done!

Church-in-the-Mall, Saturday Nov 18th 2006 - Paradise Valley Mall

The first GMI "Church-in-the-Mall" event was held at Paradise Valley Mall in Phoenix AZ, with tremendous success, and we give all the glory to The LORD! With this revolutionary concept in witnessing for Christ, the GMI Praise Unlimited team led an evangelistic outreach in the mall, with contemporary Gospel music, targeted at the youth, but it turned out to be as effective on the older generation as well. Praise The Lord Jesus!

GMI Church Inaugral Service, Sunday Dec 3rd 2006 - GMI Tabernacle of Praise Unlimited

After over a year of ministry work and great anticipation, GMI Church opened the Tablernacle of Praise in its inaugiral service on Sunday December 3rd 2006! The building that sits 200 people was packed nearly full, and it was a glorious service! Many wonderful testimonies followed, as people reported a great refreshing! Praise The LORD!

Praise-at-the-Park, Monday Jan 22nd, 2007 - MLK Festival

GMI Praise Unlimited was on stage with great comtemporary Gospel music, and at the same time we had an opportunity of sharing the Gospel with hundresd of people who came to the festival! Afew of these people ca to GMI Church services afterwards! Praise The LORD!

Praise-on-Campus, Friday Apr 27th 2007 - Paradise Valley High School

It was an incredible night of glorious praise and worship among the youth led by GMI Praise Unlimited. Great testimonies followed from several young people that said they were greatly moved by God's Spirit!

Praise-on-Campus, Friday Oct 5th 2007 - North Canyon High School

Another wonderful night of great gospel music powered by GMI Praise Unlimted and RaiseUP.

Youth Night - 2nd Friday of Each Month

The Monthly GMI Youth Night has become quite a favorite among both the youth and the young-at-heart! There are different exciting activities at each event, including Praise and Worship, Open Mic, Testimonies, special presentations, Christian Rap, and great contemporary Gospel music featuring GMI Praise Unlimited!

Praise-at-the-Park, Saturday May 12th 2007 - KMart Shopping Center Parking Lot

GMI Praise Unlimited turned the KMart Parking Lot at 32nd Street and Cactus in Phoenix AZ into a festival of Praise!. The Gospel Musical and Evangelistic event was led by the GMI Praise Unlimited team, and it was a hugh success and again we give The LORD all the praise and glory!

Praise-at-the-Park, Saturday Oct 20th 2007 - Arizona State Fair in Phoenix AZ

The Gospel Musical event sponsored by GMI Praise Unlimited, featured music by RaiseUP, and performances by God Chaser and The Rep. It was a great success and again we give The LORD all the praise and glory!

Wheelchair Case Healed, Sunday Aug 12th 2007 - GMI Church Service

We had a glorious Praise and Worship service. After a brief message, the Pastor made the altar call for those needing salvation, healing and deliverance. Many came forward and were delivered! One notable case was a middle-aged man who had come to the service on a wheelchair from one of the homeless shelters from downtown Phoenix. The Pastor called him forward and asked him how long he had been in that condition. He said he had been in the wheelchair for eight years since a spinal cord injury and brain surgery. The Pastor asked him if he believed The LORD could heal him and he affirmed that he believed. After a short prayer for him, the Pastor asked him to stand to his feet and get out of the wheelchair in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! As he slowly staggered to his feet, his legs became stronger and he started walking and praising God, following the Pastor all the way around the auditorium! "In eight years" the man said sobbing, "I've never been able to walk or stand up like this, or even hold my balance for this long!". He folded up his chair and left the service on his feet with tears of joy in his eyes! He came back to the Church service two weeks later walking straight by himself without the wheelchair and gave a wonderful testimony to the glory of God! Oh, The LORD is good! Friend, The LORD can do the same for you if you will only believe!

GMI Church First Year Anniversary, Sunday December 2nd, 2007

The GMI Church First Year Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration on Sunday December 2nd, 2007 was a huge success! We thank and praise The LORD for His goodness and mercies unto us for this unforgettable year! Blessed be The Name od The LORD!

Above and Beyond Outreach, Every Saturday Morning

This ministry is currently involved in a weekly outreach program every Saturday morning to the homeless shelters in the Phoenix downtown area (CASS), to share with them some food, clothing, the Gospel and the love of Christ! Many lives are being impacted each week through this outreach effort. Many of the people from the shelters come to our Sunday Worship services, where they are receiving additional help and discipleship. Transportation to and from the Church services is provided for them through the Church Bus.

Outstanding testimonies abound weekly among these people to the glory of God! Several cases have been healed and delivered from drug and alcohol addition, as well as prostutution, and many have given their lives to Christ! Many of them now have their own apartments with good decent jobs, some have reconciled with their families, and one lady in her late forties even returned to school to complete her GED! All of these wonderful testimonies are as a result of the outreach efforts of our Above and Beyond Ministry, and we give all the glory to The LORD!

Taking The Gospel to The Nations!

Holy Ghost Invasion Tanzania 2008 - September 21st through September 28th 2008!

This event took place in the Lumo-Yumo-Vituka region of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, featuring morning Teaching Conferences and evening Miracle and Healing Crusades. Several thousands attended each night and several hundreds came to The LORD each night, and even many more received healing and deliverance as the wicked powers of darkness, witchcraft, sorcery and the falsehood of dead religions were exposed! The awesome power of The LORD was present each night to save, heal and deliver! Thousands of people rejoiced and shouted with great joy each night as they were liberated by the power of God and set free from demonic oppression and the wickedness of the powers of darkness! The people said they had never seen the power of The LORD so strong, even in previous crusades!

There were many outstanding instant miracles through the Name of Jesus Christ! On the first night of the Crusade, one lady who had suffered from a constant issue of blood for over one year (even bleeding during the crusade) was healed that night from the bleeding and stomach pains! She came back and testified twice on following nights! Another woman who had suffered many things of witch doctors, many miscarriages, and had been pregnant for more than ten months had been told by witch doctors that she would carry the pregnancy forever and would never deliver the baby! After deliverance prayer, she gave birth just a few days later on the morning of the last day of the Crusade! There was great joy among the people at hearing this testimony! Too many other miracles to recount!

Also, the Pastors and people who came to the Conferences testified to the awesome power of The Holy Spirit as they received fresh anointing in each service, lifting them to greater spiritual heights in the revelation and knowledge of the Son of God, Jesus Christ!! The Pastors and people asked if we could continue for another week, but we had to leave due to previous engagements! Many testified that they will never be the same! Blessed be the Name of The LORD!

For event photos, please see Tanzania 2008. Also see Event Flyer.

Holy Ghost Invasion Philippines 2008 - April 29th through May 4th 2008!

This week-long event which took place in the heart of Mindanao region in the Philippines (including Butuan City, Cabadbarn City, La Fraternidad, Tubay and Santiago municipalities) was the GMI first international mission, and brought hundreds of souls to The LORD every night in several villages, municipalities and cities. Each night, we witnessed the awesome power of The LORD that set the captives free from the bondage of sin, along with hundreds of cases of instant miracles, healings and deliverance, as well as baptism of The Holy Spirit!

The event also included a Teaching/Impartation Conference for Pastors and Worship Leaders, and everyone reported tremendous blessings through the revelative uncompromised teachings of The Word of God and ministration of The Holy Ghost! There was great joy in those cities and villages! See Crusade Testimonies.

A new GMI Church was also started in Cabadbaran City as a direct result of this crusade, and they held the inaugural service on Sunday May 11th, 2008, and the Church has continued to grow each passing week! We give all the glory to The Lord Jesus Christ! See New Church Testimonies.

Back-To-School Bash - Saturday August 30th 2008!

Thus event was held on the parking lot of our Church premises. It turned out to be a huge success and we give all the glory to The LORD! We asked The LORD to give us good weather for the event, and people said this was the best day of the Summer! It was an exciting time of fun and games for the entire family, along with free food and lots of giveaway prizes, and free school supplies! There were also great performances from several artists, and the GMI Praise Unlimited team! Many guests showed keen interest in our Church and promised to attend some of our services. Several people from the event attended the SUnday worship service on the following day! Overall, a great event! Praise The LORD! For event photos, please see "Back-2-School Bash 2008".

2009 New Year Prophetic Message!

The LORD gave a powerful message to The Elect for 2009 at the GMI 2008 End of Year Praise-a-thon! Not at all what you would think! Not about the economic crisis, not even about properity for God's people, but most certainly the message for this new year! He that hath an ear let him hear what The Spirit is saying to The Church Elect! Click here to listen online to the message!