"...To do the Will of Him that sent us, and to finish His Work!"

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
— Revelations 22:1

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On this page you can listen to audio sermons from GMI Church services. We trust that these sermons will help to build up your most holy faith in the admonition of The LORD and the knowledge of the Son of God! These sermons are based on sound uncompromised doctrine from The Word of God, for varying levels of spiritual maturity, and provide sound instruction for victorious Christian living!

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Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God [Romans 10:17]. For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. [Heb 4:12]

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2019 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

2018 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

2017 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

2016 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

2015 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

2014 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

[2014-12-31] God Appoints The Times!

[2014-12-14] The Book of Hebrews[12] - In His Presence!

[2014-12-07] The Book of Hebrews[11] - The Mercy Seat!

[2014-11-16] The Book of Hebrews[10] - The New Covenant[2]!

[2014-11-09] The Book of Hebrews[9] - The New Covenant[1]!

[2014-10-19] The Book of Hebrews[8] - The Triple Crown Ministry!

[2014-10-12] The Book of Hebrews[7] - Bearing Fruit Unto Maturity!

[2014-09-14] The Book of Hebrews[6] - A New Priesthood Established!

[2014-08-31] The Book of Hebrews[5] - The Word of God is Alive & Powerful!

[2014-08-24] The Book of Hebrews[4] - Entering Into God's Rest!

[2014-08-17] The Book of Hebrews[3] - Exhortation To Steadfastness (Harden Not Your Heart)!

[2014-07-27] The Book of Hebrews[2] - Christ, The Apostle & High Priest of Our Faith!

[2014-07-20] The Book of Hebrews[1] - Christ, So Much Higher Than The Angels!

[2014-07-06] The High Praises of God!

[2014-06-29] The Fury of The Oppressor is Broken!

[2014-06-27] The Doctrine of Christ!

[2014-06-22] Green Dollar, Red Dollar!

[2014-06-01] Raising The Valleys & Leveling The Mountains!

[2014-05-25] The LORD is Worthy of Our Praise!

[2014-05-04] Divine Appointments!

[2014-04-27] Faith Challenge - Believest Thou This?

[2014-04-06] God's Dwelling Place!

[2014-03-30] Dwelling in God's Presence!

[2014-03-09] Buy The Truth And Sell It Not!

[2014-03-02] Remove Not The Ancient Landmarks!

[2014-02-09] The Wisdom & Power of God!

[2014-02-02] Let The LORD Fight Your Battles!

[2014-01-12] Trusting in The LORD!

[2014-01-05] Double For Your Trouble!

2013 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

[2013-12-31] Obtaining A Good Report Through Faith!

[2013-12-22] Jesus The Christ, Savior, Healer & LORD!

[2013-12-15] Understanding God's Voice!

[2013-11-24] God's Ways & Thoughts Are Higher!

[2013-11-17] The Time of The Promise!

[2013-11-10] A Sure Foundation!

[2013-11-03] Seated in Heavenly Places!

[2013-10-20] Shape Your Future (With God's Word)!

[2013-10-06] Fiery Furnace Faith!

[2013-09-29] Pressing Toward The Mark!

[2013-09-15] Day Star (Light of Life)!

[2013-09-01] Formula for Success (God's Way)!

[2013-08-25] Make It God's Fight!

[2013-08-11] Faith Horizons!

[2013-07-28] The Anointing for Complete Breakthrough!

[2013-07-21] Disobedience and Obedience!

[2013-07-07] Perpetual Burning Fire!

[2013-06-30] Let The People Praise The LORD!

[2013-06-28] Be Ye Also Ready!

[2013-06-23] The Brook, The Ravens & The Widow!

[2013-06-09] Bearing Your Cross (By The Grace of The LORD)!

[2013-05-31] Living for Jesus!

[2013-05-26] Bounce Back (in The Name of The LORD)!

[2013-05-19] Greatness is From The LORD!

[2013-05-12] Thirsty for God!

[2013-05-05] Handwriting On The Wall!

[2013-04-28] Road Block or Hurdle?

[2013-04-26] Draw Near Unto The LORD!

[2013-04-14] Giving God All The Glory (Wedding Thanksgiving)!

[2013-03-31] The Laying On of Hands!

[2013-04-05] Return To The Almighty!

[2013-03-10] Unstoppable Faith (Nothing Shall Be Impossible Unto You)!

[2013-02-24] The Crossing of The Hands (Divine Election)!

[2013-02-17] Sown in Weakness, Raised in Power!

[2013-01-27] The Power of The LORD is Present To Heal!

[2013-01-20] Mountains and Valleys!

[2013-01-06] Breaking Barriers Through Praises!

2012 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

[2012-12-31] Reclaiming Your Possesions!

[2012-12-30] The Sound of Abundance of Rain!

[2012-12-23] Contradictions Against The Word of Promise!

[2012-12-09] The Favor of God & The Light of His Countenance!

[2012-12-02] Worship - A New and Living Way!

[2012-11-11] The Season of Breakthrough!

[2012-11-04] Sharing Your Faith!

[2012-10-28] According To The Power That Worketh in Us!

[2012-10-21] God's Purpose & Counsel (For Your Life) Shall Stand!

[2012-09-30] Trail-Blazing Faith (The Trail Blazers)!

[2012-09-23] An Unruly Evil, The Deadly Tongue!

[2012-09-16] All The Glory Belongs To God!

[2012-08-26] The Declaration of Faith!

[2012-08-26] A Prophetic Word From The LORD For You!

[2012-08-19] Give It All Back To Me, Saith The LORD!

[2012-07-29] By My Spirit, Saith The LORD!

[2012-07-22] Miracles, Signs & Wonders!

[2012-07-15] Three Seasons (Do, Dew & Due Seasons)!

[2012-07-01] Angels on Assignment!!

[2012-06-24] Contending For God's Promises!

[2012-06-10] Rise Above Obstacles!

[2012-05-27] Unyielding Faith!

[2012-05-27] Setting Our House in Order!

[2012-05-20] Who Touched Me?

[2012-05-13] Exalt Ye The LORD Our God!

[2012-04-29] The Keys of The Kingdom of Heaven!

[2012-04-28] Are You Rich Towards God?

[2012-04-22] Be It Unto Me According To Thy Word!

[2012-04-01] The Anointing of Total Lifting!

[2012-03-25] Marriage and Family - God's Way!

[2012-03-04] The Biblical Guide To Financial Freedom!

[2012-02-26] Battle-Tested Believers!

[2012-02-12] A Word in Season!

[2012-02-05] Revival and Evangelism!

[2012-02-05] Testimonies From The Anointing of Increase!

[2012-01-29] The Anointing of Increase!

[2012-01-08] Doing The Will of God!

[2012-01-01] Bitter Waters Made Sweet!

2011 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

2010 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

[2010-12-26] That Was Then, But This Is Now!

[2010-12-12] Let It Overflow!

[2010-12-05] The Times of Refreshing!

[2010-12-04] Renewal of Wedding Vows!

[2010-11-28] Author and Finisher!

[2010-11-21] Magnify The LORD!

[2010-11-14] Say To This Mountain!

[2010-10-31] Holy Ghost Exploits!

[2010-10-24] Chariots of Fire!

[2010-10-17] Against All Odds!

[2010-10-10] The Covering Anointing (Through Obedience)!

[2010-10-03] The LORD, Your Exceeding Great Reward!

[2010-09-05] The Voice of The LORD!

[2010-08-22] Wings of Healing!

[2010-08-08] A More Excellent Way!

[2010-08-01] Who Do You Say That Jesus Is?

[2010-07-25] Providence, Faith and Mercy!

[2010-07-18] Jesus The Resurrection and The Life!

[2010-07-11] Awake From Spiritual Slumber!

[2010-07-04] The LORD My Healer!

[2010-06-27] Vessels of Mercy!

[2010-06-20] Running Over!

[2010-05-30] Ye Shall Serve The LORD Thy God!

[2010-05-23] The Shadow of The Almighty!

[2010-05-09] The God That Answereth By Fire!

[2010-05-02] Calling The Things That Are Not As Though They Are!

[2010-04-25] Called To Bear Fruit!

[2010-04-18] How Great Thou Art, O LORD!

[2010-04-04] God Raises The Dead - Do You Believe?

[2010-04-02] Perfect Peace!

[2010-03-28] In Due Season (If You Faint Not)!

[2010-03-14] Vicarious Faith (Standing in The Gap)!

[2010-02-28] Unusual Faith (Uncommon Results)!

[2010-06-21] Filthy Rags To Fine Linen (White and Clean)!

[2010-02-14] Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

[2010-02-07] The Arrows of The LORD's Deliverance!

[2010-01-31] The Benefits of Consecrated Fasting!

[2010-01-10] The Answer of Faith!

[2010-01-03] Table in The Presence of Your Enemies!

2009 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

[2009-12-20] Frustrating The Tokens of The Liars!

[2009-12-13] The Power of Agreement (In The Unity of The Faith)!

[2009-12-06] This is a New Day!

[2009-12-29] Not By Might, Nor By Power!

[2009-11-22] A Royal Priesthood!

[2009-11-15] Treasure in Earthen Vessels!

[2009-11-08] To God Be The Glory!

[2009-10-25] God's Eternal Purpose!

[2009-09-27] The Essentials of Faith!

[2009-09-20] A Holy Ambition - The Prize of The High Calling!

[2009-09-13] Multiple Miracles, Continuous Supply!

[2009-09-06] From Glory to Glory!

[2009-09-04] Women of Faith - Joint-Heirs With Christ!

[2009-08-30] The Crooked Made Straight!

[2009-08-23] Relentless Faith!

[2009-08-21] Speaking With The Enemies in The Gate (Youth Challenge)!

[2009-08-09] Power for The Faint, Strength for The Weak!

[2009-08-02] The Word of Your Testimony!

[2009-07-26] The Authority of The Believer - Power Over The Devil!

[2009-07-12] The Most High God - He Hides Himself!

[2009-06-28] Bowels of Mercies - Above and Beyond!

[2009-05-31] Alpha and Omega!

[2009-05-24] Faith Reloaded!

[2009-05-17] The LORD is Our Hiding Place, Our Shield!

[2009-05-10] Unified Praise, That's Perfect Praise!

[2009-04-19] The Riches of God's Glory II - The Mercy Seat!

[2009-04-12] The Riches of God's Glory I - Beyond The Veil!

[2009-04-05] Rejoice in The LORD!

[2009-04-05] Faith is Now!

[2009-03-22] Our Eyes Are Upon Thee!

[2009-03-01] The Word of Faith!

[2009-02-22] Prevailing Prayer!

[2009-02-15] The Good Way, The Old Paths!

[2009-02-08] High Winds or Dark Clouds, Faith Still Marches On!

[2009-01-25] Dare To Believe!

[2009-01-18] The Dry Bones Shall Live Again!

[2009-01-01] Conforming to Christ's Image!

[2009-01-04] Bearers of God's Glory!

[2009-01-01] 2009 New Year Prophetic Message!

2008 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

[2008-12-31] 2008 End of Year Message!

[2008-12-14] Overcoming Adversity!

[2008-11-30] A Very Present Help!

[2008-11-16] The Eternal God, Revealed in Jesus Christ!

[2008-11-02] End Time Prophetic Events - Understanding Bible Prophecy!

[2008-10-12] Stand Still, The Salvation of The LORD is Near!

[2008-10-05] Tanzania 2008 Testimonies!

[2008-08-31] Making His Praise Glorious!

[2008-08-24] A New Standard!

[2008-08-17] Nevertheless At Thy Word!

[2008-07-27] Lift Up Your Heads!

[2008-07-25] The Holy Ghost in The Church!

[2008-07-20] Power With God!

[2008-07-13] Blessed and Highly Favored!

[2008-06-29] Jesus Christ - The Rock, My Deliverer, My Defense!

[2008-06-27] Biblical Principles for Financial Success!

[2008-06-22] The Slaying of a Giant!

[2008-06-08] Casting Down Imaginations!

[2008-06-04] Effective Soul Winning!

[2008-06-01] Anchored on Christ's Love!

[2008-05-31] Personal Evangelism - The Methods!

[2008-05-30] Evangelism - Back To The Bible Pattern!

[2008-05-25] Ablaze for God - Igniting The Fire, Rekindling The Flame!

[2008-05-18] Mobilize to Evangelize!

[2008-05-11] Declaring God's Wonderful Works (Philippines 2008)!

[2008-04-06] The Road to Glory!

[2008-03-21] Exhortation (Good Friday Night Service)!

[2008-03-16] The Election of Grace!

[2008-03-02] Peace Beyond Understanding!

[2008-02-24] In His Presence, The Manifested Glory of God!

[2008-02-10] Quit Ye Like Men, Be Strong in The LORD!

[2008-01-27] It is Written (In The Volume of The Book)!

[2008-01-20] The Mighty God, The Incomparable Jesus!

[2008-01-06] The Battle is The LORD's!

2007 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

2006 Sermons - Bro Yato Adeyemi

Bro Julius Adewumi

Bro Emmanuel Uba

[2019-10-06] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Sour Grape and Teeth Set on Edge!

[2019-06-18] Bro Emmanuel Uba - The Days of Apostasy and Rebellion - Part 1!

[2019-06-16] Bro Emmanuel Uba - From Pit To The Solid Rock!

[2019-04-21] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Dimensions of God's Love!

[2019-02-24] Bro Emmanuel Uba - The Way Up is Down!

[2018-12-30] Bro Emmanuel Uba - God's Kingdom, The Saints' Inheritance!

[2018-11-04] Bro Emmanuel Uba - No Longer Slave To Fear!

[2018-09-09] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Assurance in Christ!

[2018-07-15] Bro Emmanuel Uba - On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand!

[2018-05-20] Bro Emmanuel Uba - It Is Well With The Righteous!

[2018-01-28] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Identity Crisis!

[2017-12-24] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Our Christ and His Kingdom!

[2017-12-10] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Nuggets of Financial Wisdom (Part 2)!

[2017-12-03] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Nuggets of Financial Wisdom (Part 1)!

[2017-10-29] Bro Emmanuel Uba - When You Feel Like Ezekiel in The Valley!

[2017-09-03] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Where The Eagles Gather!

[2017-07-09] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Victory Does Not Happen By Accident!

[2017-05-14] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Influential Mothers!

[2017-03-19] Bro Emmanuel Uba - The Reward of Righteousness!

[2017-01-22] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Redeeming The Time!

[2016-11-20] Bro Emmanuel Uba - And Having Done All, To Stand!

[2016-09-25] Bro Emmanuel Uba - At Evening Time, It Shall Be Light!

[2016-07-31] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Unchangable Covenant Keeping God!

[2016-06-05] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Claim Your Position & Retain It (Part 3)!

[2016-04-10] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Claim Your Position & Retain It (Part 2)!

[2016-02-14] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Claim Your Position & Retain It (Part 1)!

[2015-12-20] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Endurance!

[2015-10-25] Bro Emmanuel Uba - When God Raises The Standard!

[2015-07-05] Bro Emmanuel Uba - The Cross Before The Crown!

[2015-05-17] Bro Emmanuel Uba - God Watches Over The Sparrows, How Much More You?

[2015-03-15] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Triumph in The Day of Trouble!

[2015-01-18] Bro Emmanuel Uba - There's No Growth Without Struggles!

[2014-11-30] Bro Emmanuel Uba - The Dynamic Subject of Praise & Thanksgiving!

[2014-10-05] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Ignorance of Satan's Devices!

[2014-08-10] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Why The Sun and The Moon Stopped!

[2014-06-08] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Why Impossibilities Made Possible Are Scarce!

[2014-05-18] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Sustained By God's Faithfulness!

[2014-04-20] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Christ, The Sinner's Perfect Plea!

[2013-12-08] Bro Emmanuel Uba - From Trials To Promotion!

[2013-10-13] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Freedom From Captivity!

[2013-08-04] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Seek Godly Wisdom Early!

[2013-06-02] Bro Emmanuel Uba - God's Word Will Never Fail!

[2013-01-13] Bro Emmanuel Uba - The Anointing That Provokes Open Doors!

[2012-11-18] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Offload The Heavy Burdens!

[2012-08-12] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Reasons To Be Thankful!

[2012-04-08] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Christ Set The Captives Free!

[2011-05-15] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Wisdom From Above!

[2010-11-07] Bro Emmanuel Uba - Banking and Cashing from God's Word!

[2010-04-11] Bro Emmanuel Uba - When God is Silent!

[2010-01-24] Bro Emmanuel Uba - What God Can Do Through Ordinary People!

Bro Peter Tometi

[2019-07-07] Bro Peter Tometi - Solomon's Temple!

[2019-03-24] Bro Peter Tometi - Character-Breach of Promise or Fulfilment (Part 1)!

[2019-01-27] Bro Peter Tometi - Build Up The Wall (Part 2)!

[2018-12-02] Bro Peter Tometi - Build Up The Wall (Part 1)!

[2018-10-07] Bro Peter Tometi - The Law of Kindness!

[2018-08-19] Bro Peter Tometi - Plastics, Plastics & More Plastics!

[2018-06-17] Bro Peter Tometi - The Appointment!

[2018-04-22] Bro Peter Tometi - Alcohol is Not For Kings!

[2018-02-25] Bro Peter Tometi - The Praise of Men & Destinies!

[2017-12-17] Bro Peter Tometi - Herbs, Healing For The Nations!

[2017-10-22] Bro Peter Tometi - Boundless Love!

[2017-08-27] Bro Peter Tometi - Unity!

[2017-06-25] Bro Peter Tometi - Moses Wrote of Me!

[2017-05-07] Bro Peter Tometi - Teach Us To Pray!

[2017-03-12] Bro Peter Tometi - The Spoken Word, Faith & Authority!

[2017-01-15] Bro Peter Tometi - The Way of Holiness!

[2016-11-27] Bro Peter Tometi - Jehovah Shammah (The Lord is There)!

[2016-10-02] Bro Peter Tometi - Sharing The Gospel (The Bible Way)!

[2016-08-07] Bro Peter Tometi - God Knows Your Name!

[2016-06-12] Bro Peter Tometi - Keys To The Kingdom!

[2016-02-28] Bro Peter Tometi - Success & Prosperity!

[2015-12-27] Bro Peter Tometi - The Good Shepherd!

[2015-11-15] Bro Peter Tometi - Servants of Sin!

[2015-07-12] Bro Peter Tometi - Sound The Alarm!

[2015-05-10] Bro Peter Tometi - Make The Vision Plain!

[2015-01-25] Bro Peter Tometi - Be of Good Courage (& Be an Encourager Also)!

[2014-12-21] Bro Peter Tometi - Two-Way Communication With The Holy Spirit!

[2014-09-21] Bro Peter Tometi - Evolution or Creation?

[2014-05-09] Bro Peter Tometi - The Anatomy of Prayer!

[2014-03-16] Bro Peter Tometi - The Faith of Our Fathers!

[2013-10-27] Bro Peter Tometi - Walking in God's Favor!

[2013-04-21] Bro Peter Tometi - The Law and Grace[2]!

[2013-03-24] Bro Peter Tometi - The Law and Grace[1]!

[2013-02-03] Bro Peter Tometi - Godly Encounters!

[2012-11-25] Bro Peter Tometi - The Covenant of Salt!

[2012-03-18] Bro Peter Tometi - The Vision - Make It Plain!

[2012-03-18] Bro Peter Tometi - The Tabernacle Called David!

[2011-07-17] Bro Peter Tometi - Raising The Bar!

[2010-06-13] Bro Peter Tometi - The Battle of The Mind!

[2010-03-07] Bro Peter Tometi - Traps and Mercies!

[2009-10-04] Bro Peter Tometi - Arise and Shine!

[2009-06-14] Bro Peter Tometi - The Omniscient God!

[2009-03-08] Bro Peter Tometi - The Christian Life!

Bro John Agenmonmen

Bro Augustine Edosomwan

Guest Ministers

Bro Francis Ovienmhada

[2016-07-10] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Spiritual Senses!

[2016-01-24] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Healing Rain!

[2015-11-29] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Break Forth, Break Through To Your Unlimited Destiny!

[2015-06-14] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Jehovah Hath!

[2015-04-19] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - A Sure Foundation!

[2015-02-22] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Breaker Anointing!

[2014-10-31] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Charismatic Confusion, Pentecostal Aparthy & EndTime Sarcasm!

[2014-09-28] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Feast of Trumpets!

[2014-06-15] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Feast of Jehovah (Shavuot)!

[2014-04-13] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Coming To America!

[2014-02-16] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Righteous Man & The Virtuous Woman!

[2013-12-29] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Who is On The LORD's Side (Concerning Marriage)?

[2013-12-29] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Enemy Has Done This!

[2013-03-17] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - What Time Is It?!

[2012-12-16] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The River of God is Here!

[2012-09-09] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Declaration of War!

[2012-04-15] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Treasure of Faith!

[2012-01-22] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Total Consecration[2]!

[2012-01-15] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Total Consecration[1]!

[2011-10-16] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Arrangee God!

[2011-07-24] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Let The River Flow!

[2011-05-22] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Let The Fire Fall!

[2011-02-13] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - The Power of Sacrifice!

[2010-10-30] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Holy Ghost Anointing!

[2010-09-24] Bro Francis Ovienmhada - Shock & Awe, Battle Against The Kings!