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To Pastor Yato


raymond embidu (raymondembidu@yahoo.com)


Fri 4/22/11 3:56 AM


Pastor Yato (pastor@gmichurch.org)


Hi man of God Pastor Yato.
Fist of all I would like to apologize to you sorry, for being quiet for all these years, but I thank God for you, for the great love toward me and my family and the ministry.

The work of God is going very well, and my family is doing good. The baby you prophesied is doing well is now 1yr and 8 months.

The ministers have been remembering your ministry, you have left us with big impact, they have been asking me when are going to come, indeed they need you.

Now please find out the attached pictures

With love and blessings
For souls sake
Bro Mbidu

Click on Link below to see Baby Kayla’s photos…




From: Pastor Yato <pastor@gmichurch.org>
To: Raymond Embidu <raymondembidu@yahoo.com>
Sat, March 5, 2011 9:09:19 AM
Subject: Greetings!


Hello Pastor Raymond,


We have not communicated in a long time...  How are you and the Saints over there?  The last time we communicated it was about your wife having a baby as prophesied, but I haven't heard from you since then...  How is your wife? ...and the child?  Please write and let me know how things are going over there...  Greetings to all the brethren and Pastors who worked with us last time...


Hope to hear from you soon...


-Pastor Yato
GMI Church