Subject: Report of Second Sunday Service
From: joel De maria <>
Date: Sun, May 18, 2008 8:14 pm
To: Pastor Yato <>



Hello Pastor Yato.


It is very nice to feel the Holy Ghost... because we did yesterday during our second Sunday Worship service at GMI Cabadbaran.  As we started the Worship devotion at 1 and a half of an hour of worship, the HOLY GHOST made such a Marvelous work toward HIS people who seek HIS face. And the HOLY GHOST spoke to me to Preach about.  How to become DEVOTED on HIS WORDS which is the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.


Many people are blessed. WE had 49 adult and young people yesterday and 21 children from this area. There are also people who want to attend the Worship service from outside Cabadbaran but their problem is they don't had enough money for their fare going to Cabadbaran... but we still keep on praying that God will provide a vehicle for their sort of transportation.  


Pastor Yato, the work of the LORD here in Cabadbaran is growing quickly because of the result of the 3 days Crusade especially those who experienced healing and they are very happy that there is GMI outreach in the Philippines particularly in Cabadbaran. I continue to teach them about the difference between GMI and the traditional movement among the Churches. In fact, we planned at every Saturday we start a DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING PROGRAM to become a soul winner and spread out the GOSPEL among the un-reached people in Cabadbaran and beyond.


We are praying for some Teaching Materials for the Discipleship Training Program.


Praise God for the instant healing of my wife and she began to wake up through your Prayer and we firmly believed that God has healed herl...


In His Great Love

Pastor Joel

GMI Cabadbaran Phil.









Subject: Praise Report Fourth Sunday Service of GMI Cabadbaran
From: joel De maria <>
Date: Tue, June 03, 2008 1:44 am
To: Pastor Yato <>


Dear Pastor Yato,


Have a nice day to you and to GMI family....


Here is the Praise Report of the Sunday Service Yesterday;


WE Praise God for His Excellent Greatness and He is Worthy to be praised!


By the way, it is always an Honor and pleasure to us to email you about the newly opened GMI Ministry here in Cabadbaran, because we really felt and admired the Marvelous works of the HOLY GHOST yesterday.


As we started with our service yesterday we were singing a love song to Jesus and worshipping aloud...  and the congregation was filled by the HOLY GHOST.

And at that time we didn't ever know that the 2 year old child of one of our members was in high fever for 4 days, and he was brought by his mother to church...


And as I delivered the Message from the Word of God, the mother began to cry aloud because of the sickness of her 2 year old baby... and when I finished preaching the mother of the child told me that her 2 year old child got sick and he needs healing for his illness...


And I began to pray for him... and after I prayed, it is so WONDERFUL AND MARVELOUS.. THE WORKS OF THE HOLY GHOST because the child was completely and instantly healed... WE PRAISE THE LORD!!!! That is really a fresh testimony in our church here in Cabadbaran...


And also we were updating always the number of souls came to attend the service... we have 30 Children and we have 50 adults including the youth...


We pray that God will pour out all His blessings to you and to GMI family...


We pray for you always and we love you

Pastor Joel

GMI Cabadbaran







Subject: Praise Report Fifth Sunday
From: joel De maria <>
Tue, June 10, 2008 5:14 am
To: Pastor Yato <>



The local GMI family gladly giving the testimony about Sunday service here in Cabadbaran.  It has been a great testimony with all the lives of the Christians of what The Lord has been doing here and I our Fifth Sunday service...It is an awesome experience because the Lord continue to send souls as a result of our Crusade and Prayers ... Some people who were healed and received JESUS during the Crusade, and some who newly knew about the GMI Church extension in Cabadbaran.


That is why we were surprised when they came and joined with us, even though we did not visit some of them.   And  then one young people we just meet in the Internet cafe and asked me where our church located because he had also attended every night Crusade at Cabadbaran Gym.  He was a drug pusher but now he confesses that he wants to visit us this coming 6th Sunday service...all Glory and honor to JESUS.


About the GMI Church Extension status by God's grace we are almost complete and we are just waiting for the Church sign or banner so that we can take a picture and send it to you...   The only unfinished part of the church is the windows and doors, but everything else was already finished.


God Bless you

Pastor Joel

GMI Church Cabadbaran





Subject: RE: All Glory belongs to GOD
Date: Wed, September 03, 2008 5:52 am
To: "Pastor Yato" <>



Dear Pastor Yato and GMI Family in USA,



All Glory to God


I am sorry for the delay in sending you some good reports and updates about the GMI Church in Philippines.  Any way God is very much good because the GMI Church in Cabadbaran has been growing both numerically and spiritually.  Baptismal services are conducted by-monthly and the church now has over150 members.  This is the result of our House to house Visitation and Prayer Visitation many people and young people accept our invitation to come and experience God's creative Power....


Last Sunday the Church was full of people who accepted the visitation and Bible study...  In fact I will prepare to send the pictures during of our Sunday service and also the church picture… Our chairs now are not sufficient its lacking…  That is why we are using our own table chairs in the kitchen...  Please Pray for more chairs for our young people and for the children... because no chairs for children because they are occupied by adults...


All Glory and Honor belongs to God!


In His Kingdom


Pastor Joel

GMI Cabadbaran, Philippines