Dear Pastor Yato,


Greetings to all the GMI Family and Congregation, and to Pastor Roland.  It was our honor and pleasure having you here in the Philippines for over a week and we really felt The Holy Ghost Invasion in the Crusade and Conference.


By the way, Pastor Yato and Pastor Roland, your visit here was a very great blessing… for me, my family, and all Pastors, Worship leaders, Workers who really received the Great move of the Holy Ghost in our Lives. HALLELUJAH!!!


On the first night of the crusade, more than 500 people attended and received healing, salvation and deliverance.  In fact, one young lady received healing from breast cancer.  She had suffered that sickness for 5 years, and she was groaning in pain of her left side breast day and night.   But praise God, when you prayed over her she cried out aloud because she felt that God touched her and the pain was gone instantly... The young girl cried out for thanksgiving that night and she began to testify among the people that God instantly healed her sickness. Not only this young lady received healing but those people who suffered from goiter, paralyzed, back pain, etc.  Did you remember Pastor Yato the young boy who was 12 years old, his two eyes were blurred and was not able to read far sighted, but after you prayed for him, he could read clearly in the far sight!  The other one was the paralyzed person… in fact one half of his body was dead and during that night he was able to carry the chair after prayer because God instantly healed his left body that for almost 6 years he had suffered the pain. That night, hundreds of people received deliverance, healing and Salvation!!


On the second night, many people came and experienced the Creative Power of the Holy Ghost… Hundreds of people came to the crusade, and received the healing from their sicknesses.   One of the testimonies was the wheelchair person!  He had been on the wheelchair for almost 8 years, and he began to praise and thank the Lord because after you ministered to him, he could  walk a little bit without the wheelchair (for the first time in 8 years)!  He began to praise the Lord for God's mighty deeds in his life that he could be able to walk even a single step, and in every step he made, he praised God!   HALLELUJAH!!!  There were also several people suffering from ulcers, and other sicknesses and after you ministered to them, they were healed (said the pain was gone), and they testified that God is a Miraculous God in their lives!!  Great miracles happened that night… there was a gay man who repented and received salvation and said he was willing to serve the Lord with all his life.


On the third night, many people also experienced the Marvelous works of the Holy Ghost, and one of the testimonies that night was the old lady who suffered from a sickness in her right leg that made the leg become bigger and bigger and she doesn't know what was the cause of her sickness.   After you prayed for her, the old woman said that she felt that her leg became lighter to walk and she began to praise the Lord because she saw the Miracle the of God in her life!


On the fourth night, in the village of La Fraternidad, Tubay, there was a unique moving of the Holy Ghost because most people who attended were the young people of the village who were in bondage of illegal drugs, alcoholism and other vises.   When you invited them to receive Jesus Christ in their lives they all came out and repented from the bondage of those vises.


On the last night of the crusade, in the Municipality of Santiago, one of the unforgettable experience happened in their Municipality was for one of the leaders of the illegal drug pushers who at the same time was also a user of illegal drugs.   During that night, he understood The Word of God and he felt the Power of the Word of God touched his heart and he began to repent and came out and gave his testimony among many people especially to all young people who were there on that night!   He began to testify by himself of how God renewed him instantly. That young drug pusher began to discourage all the other illegal drug pushers and users to avoid using that kind of vise and he encouraged them to repent and give their lives to Jesus because he said that Jesus is the only answer for every problem we encountered in our lives!


On Saturday during the Pastor's conference, we never expected the number of Pastor's who attended the conference because you told me that we just needed 30 Pastors that time but HALLELUJAH!!!  I was surprised and wondered when I saw more Pastors coming and they were 82 Pastors coming including the Praise and Worship leaders.... During that Impartation conference we saw a GREAT REVIVAL among the Pastors and leaders out of many churches. We experienced the unique impartation of the Holy Ghost and we went home with a GREAT CHANGE in our lives and WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!  One member from another Church came to me and said that she will boldly declare to their Church and their Pastor that for the long time she had been longing for the Invasion of the Holy Ghost in their church and that during the Conference she really felt the joy and the Holy Ghost come upon her life!!  During that time many Pastors from different Municipalities and Cities particularly in Butuan City for the first time experienced a GREAT REVIVAL, especially those from the dry and dying churches.


On Sunday, during the final Joint Service, the HOLY GHOST moved among all the people especially the young people when you preached not to be ashamed to preach the Gospel and let their light shine among the unbelievers.  The young people here are normally ashamed to share the Gospel toward their classmates and friends and they are afraid to identify that they are believers but praise be to Jesus that from that day on, they understood and God really changed their mindset to become bold in preaching and sharing the GOSPEL OF JESUS. HALLELUJAH!!!!


Pastor Yato, I and my family give you thanks for spending your precious time with us, from the bottom of our hearts.  We thank you so much for being a blessing to us especially your teaching, and POWERFUL PREACHING that has changed and touched our hearts, because since the beginning I personally heard and experienced the theme "THE HOLY GHOST INVASION PHILIPPINES 2008" that this revival is not only from Cabadbaran but through out the whole Philippines. The fire and the manifestation of the Holy Ghost are in us now!!


We are really happy and grateful that we are part of the Gospel Missions International, and now we are very happy to start and spread out the Gospel and heal the sick… And now we begun to win the souls boldly, we activate the Word that you imparted to us and we really received the fire of the HOLY GHOST working in our hearts today.   We are praying God will open His way for you to come back again and Minister to all Pastors in the Island of Mindanao.


There are many things that we will never forget... even though a few things only we wrote here, but God knows everything you've done in our Country.  You are a very GREAT Blessing to us..... We love you and we miss you...




Pastor Joel, Floramay and Kids

GMI Cabadbaran