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Subject: Re: Healing Testimony
From: Analou Pariho
Date: Sat,
January 23, 2010 5:47 am
To: Pastor Yato <pastor@gmichurch.org>


Thank you very much Pastor Yato for your reply.  Yes I am willing and dedicated to use my life testimony in my village my Father and Mother are willing to offer our house for new Gospel Missions International Church because before in our former church we don't believe healing and Praise and worship.. But we thank God for Pastor Joel because he invited us to attend your crusade and now my life and even my relatives have been changed and will never be the same again...Once again thank you and God bless...


Sister Annalou





From: Pastor Yato <pastor@gmichurch.org>
To: Analou Pariho
Cc: Joel De Maria
Thursday, January 21, 2010 2:00:16
Subject: RE: Healing Testimony



Sis Anna,


That's a wonderful testimony and we give all the glory to The LORD!  Yes, continue to spread the word about God's healing power through your own personal testimony!


The LORD bless and keep you!

Pastor Yato
GMI Church





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Subject: Healing Testimony
From: Analou Pariho
Date: Thu,
January 21, 2010 4:15 am
To: pastor@gmichurch.org



Dear Pastor Yato,


Greetings from Philippines! In the Name of Jesus Christ,


Pastor Yato I know you are surprise with my email but I know you never forget me specially during your coming here in our country conducting a crusade with Pastor Joel DeMaria your Pastor here in the Philippines.


By the way Pastor Yato my name is Anna Lou Pariho the young lady who received healing, from breast cancer during your visit. I had suffered from that sickness and groaning in pain day and night almost 5 years.   But praise God, when you prayed over me I felt the powerful touch from God and the pain slowly gone until I felt no more pain.


Pastor Yato I personally thank you and Pastor Roland for your passion and very powerful gifts that you imparted to all of us.  We Pray that God will continue to use you not only in our country but in whole world…We are so glad that Pastor Joel will open a Gospel Missions International Church in our village and also God use my life testimony to the people who still walk in the darkness and suffer in sickness…


Pastor Yato do you have still plan to comeback in our country? Thank you and may God bless you and your family…i hope to hear from you.


God bless

Sister Annalou and my family